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Today, there is a remarkably improved, time-tested system for identifying 
and evaluating the commercial viability of new product ideas.
It's called :

A Six Sigma Breakthrough in Innovation

Much like building a winning professional sports team, the WinOvations approach to new product development consists of:
  1. Choosing the right people
  2. Providing the right coaching
  3. Using the right process

WinOvations, Inc. has made significant breakthroughs in all three of these areas, as a result of conducting original research concentrated in the area of new product development (NPD). More than theory, the WinOvations System is firmly rooted in over 15 years of successful new product development activity for a 'Fortune 50' company.

Now, after implementation on over 50 different products and services, the WinOvations System has produced an unparalleled track record - nearly 95% accuracy in its recommendations regarding the launch of new products, with current net value exceeding one billion dollars.

Who needs the WinOvations System?
Clearly, companies which consistently commercialize new businesses better than their competitors develop sustainable competitive advantages. If your company has a new product or service idea you are considering introducing to the market - or simply an area of growing strategic importance to explore for concrete business concepts- then you can benefit directly from WinOvations.

How does it work? Can it be taught?
An important key to the WinOvations System is that we have discovered certain individual traits which correlate to a surprising degree with proven NPD success. Through a series of profiling instruments and interview techniques, we are able to help you more accurately identify people within your company who possess these traits and, therefore, are the best choices for your early stages of NPD activity.   We refer to these individuals as "Rainmakers (SM)".  When coupled with our specialized training and coaching in the WinOvations process, these individuals can help your company identify tremendous new growth opportunities.

can be used in all of the typical early stages of corporate NPD efforts, from helping establish the ideas up through concept development. We can do the projects entirely for you to provide the fastest results, or train and coach the potential Rainmakers within your company to use our system. Once trained, they can employ it consistently to your company's advantage for years to come.

Proven Results
How well does it work? On the products and services that have used our system to date, financial returns (pitting profits against expenses) have averaged in excess of 35 to one.*   Implemented recommendations from Stage 4 (the detailed analysis stage of a typical seven-stage NPD process) have proven to yield profits (after Stage 7) over 95% of the time, vs.= 11% for typical processes. Therefore the average time span before identifying profitable opportunities is shortened approximately nine times vs. typical new business development approaches, making the WinOvations System that much faster at delivering profits. This represents more than a six sigma improvement in speed and profitability, and may represent one of the most significant breakthroughs in New Product Development in the last 20 years.**

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Whether you have a specific new idea to test or simply are looking for a way to stimulate greater growth for the future, move your company to a higher level of New Business Development success.

Put WinOvations, Inc. to work for you. 

* The 35 to one ratio of profits to expenses is calculated by adding up sales profits actually earned as a direct result of project evaluations and dividing this by the costs of those evaluations on a large number of industrial NPD projects. The ratio for any one given project ranges from zero to well over 100 to one.

**Outstanding Research Paper, Product Development and Management Association, 1997 Reasearch Conference, October 1997, "Creativity & Business Discipline = Higher Profits from New Product Development" by Greg Stevens, James Burley & Richard Divine.






A Six Sigma Breakthrough in Innovation

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