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Dow Chemical
(Fabricated Products)

Portfolio Analysis
Acquisition Analysis and Strategy

December 2000

The Dow Chemical Company 
Fabricated Products Division 
200 Larkin Center 
Midland MI


Fabricated Products is a Global Business Unit of The Dow Chemical Company, manufacturing a wide range of polymeric foam and film products for use in the Building & Construction, Automotive, Specialty Packaging and other industries, with a global turnover in excess of $800 million.

WinOvations has provided an excellent service in support of our new business growth efforts over the last 16 months, for both internal developments and in targeting acquisitions. Initially we asked WinOvations to assess eight projects in various stages of development. Their methodology provides powerful tools for managing and prioritizing a New Business Development (NBD) portfolio and provided significant new insights into these projects. As a result, we not only confirmed several major breakthrough opportunities, but also clarified the work programs required to bring them through development.

Subsequently WinOvations analyzed two of these breakthrough projects in detail. As a result of their work we were able to move forward on one major new technology development with a market potential well in excess of $100 million and to confirm an acquisition strategy for a target company. Their definition and modeling of the cost performance of competitive process systems used in the Market is exceptional and provides clear guidance during the early stages of development.

John Schaw 
Vice President 
Fabricated Products Division 
The Dow Chemical Company

A Six Sigma Breakthrough in Innovation


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