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"Rainmaker Index" : Analysts with Continuous "MBTI-NT" Scores in the Top Third Outperform Analysts with Scores in Lower Two Thirds.

Continuous "MBTI-NT"Scores or the "Rainmaker Index:

Another useful way of evaluating the MBTI data is to subtract the analyst's continuous "TF" Score (for Thinking/Feeling MBTI preference scale) from their continuous "SN"scores (for the Sensory/Intuitive MBTI preference scale). The combined continuous scores are referred to in this article text as "MBTI-NT" scores, or the "Rainmaker Index".

The possible range of continuous MBTI-NT scores is from a minus 78 (for those with strong Sensing and Feeling) to a positive 102 (for those with strong MBTI preferences for Intuition and Thinking).

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